Child Sponsorship Scheme

Sponsor an Orphan Child

SAWF Foundation's Individual Orphan Sponsorship Scheme is by far one of the most popular ways of helping poor and needy individuals and families.
How It Works

For only $50 per month the requirements for a child to receive a sound level of care and education are provided. This includes the provision of:

1- School fees

2- Clothing and footwear

1- Books and stationery

2- Travel costs

1- Money for the orphan's family

2- Health Care


Upon sponsorship we will send you an information pack with details of the orphan you are sponsoring, such as their age, circumstance, schooling, and information about their community. In addition, SAWF  Foundation will continue to provide you with annual reports which include the orphan’s photo along with his or her health and education progress.

A large amount of money is required to employ well trained teachers, provide free uniform, shoes and stationery to most of our students whose parents are too poor to afford these necessities. In order to meet these expenses, a child sponsorship scheme has been introduced.

Adopt a Primary School:

SAWF intends to adopt public sector school. These schools will be adopted by signing an agreement with education department. SAWF renovates the schools, furnishes it, trains teachers, provides supplies and enrolls minimum 100 children. The cost of adopt a school per year is AUD$ 3500.

Shelter for the homeless:

SAWF provides one room shelter to a homeless family. The shelter comprises of a room, a veranda and a toilet. The construction material and design vary from district to district. SAWF intends to build 15000 one room shelter. The cost of each shelter is AUD$ 1200.

Drinking Water Facility:

SAWF also ensures drinking water schemes, through provision of hand pump and boring. SAWF established 500 hand pumps in these villages. The costs of water scheme vary from AUD$ 150 to AUD$ 600.

Click here to download The specimen form to sponsor a child
Click here to download The specimen form to sponsor a shelter
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